Enchantment Kim Hyung Joong

The actor and singer who came from South Korea is known to have miraculous skill in the world of entertainment. Apart from being an actor and singer, he is also known as a model whose face has graced numerous ads in Korea. In addition, he is also good at dancing and presenters are quite reliable. Best of this one guy who was also adept at playing some music instruments. It's really a perfect figure in the eyes of fans.
Kim's career began as an entertainer in the world group leader of SS501 in 2005. Together with this vocal group, they performed in World Idol in 2007, which showed some of their activities in Japan.
         In 2008, Kim began to explore the acting world and follow the casting for a reality show with Hwang Bo, his one senior who six years older than him. Both won fame from the reality show this.
         Because of his success, Kim was asked as a member of the famous F4 in the Korean version. His role with Hwang Bo generate awards for Best Couple Award from MBC, but they both states withdrew from the event due to schedule clashes with the filming drama series Boys Before Flowers.
         The drama series was won sensation and there may be exceptional in Korea. Several countries in Asia also have a fever this drama series, ranging from Japan to America with an additional version of English translation.
         Although busy with his acting career, but Kim did not forget to SS501 who has raised his name. The proof is Kim and other members are still preparing his new album. Not just albums, but they also carry Asia Concert Tour which began in mid-August 2009 at the Olympic Park, Seoul. Furthermore, this tour continues into the various countries such as Shanghai, Taipei, and Bangkok.
        In 2010, Kim's career with his appearance increasingly shines with BEAST in the Philippines and a new contract. In addition to acting and singing career, Kim is also a representative of one brand of cosmetics that have many branches in Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
        His role in the drama PLAYFULL KISS was making his name more skyrocketed, because this play a success in Korea, this drama even predicted would soon will shook several countries. This drama is reportedly already sold out sold in 10 Asian countries, including Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Brunei, Taiwan, and Indonesia. 


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