The world is unique guys ..

Apparently many of you know that there is uniqueness in this world. Let’s see now..

Trip to a ghost town

Relax guys, this is not a ghost town as you think. The city is known as an empty city named the Kangabashi district of Ordos. The city is actually designed as a home for 1 million Chinese, but still uninhabited.
Actually Ordos is the second richest city in China. Ordos has the second largest per capita income in China, after Shanghai, and the government is trying to persuade residents to invest their money closer to home, rather than somewhere else that is not necessarily beneficial to society.
Ordos should be able to be home to about 1 million people of China, but in fact most of the buildings here are still empty. Even so, the government still wants to Ordos become a successful city.

Unique lake in Iceland

Unique Lake this one called Blue Lagoon. This lake is one of the most visited places in Iceland. The lake is famous for the hot water and can also be used for the spa. Spa is located on the lava fields in Grindavik on Reykjanes peninsula, Iceland. Warm water in this lake contains a lot of silica and sulfur minerals. The temperature of the water in this lake reaches 400 C. Lake heat source is derived from geothermal Svartsengi nearby. The vents in ground water near streams lavadan used to run turbines that generate electricity.

Boat from chocolate

Maybe you've seen the statue made of chocolate. But what if a boat made of chocolate, have never heard ..??. There is a town in France named Concarneau are holding a unique event in the world, namely the launch of a brown boat with a full size like a real boat. The boat was named Bateau Chocolat II. The boat weighs 1.2 tons. The framework of this boat made of sugar and remaining ingredients are made from pure chocolate. You can sail this boat and if the hungry can also take a brown of this boat, but remember just a little that a lot could drown the boat later.
Baca secara fonetik

Pumpkin by car

Guys do not ever imagine, if there is a pumpkin that weighed nearly the same shape and weight of a car. It turns out there are real guys you know, a pumpkin is found in Lymington, Hampshire. Pumpkin has a diameter of 17 meters long and weighs 750 kg. with the weight of the pumpkin was then crowned as the world's largest pumpkin. Apparently these pumpkins have been grown for over 30 years. Tipping the scale at 750 pounds and grow about 13 kg per day, a giant pumpkin is already more severe from a car you know. Wow, can make eating the whole village guys..

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