10 facts about Kim Bum

Hello guys, maybe this one article is perfect for the fan girls Kim Bum. The fans of this handsome actor Kim Bum said that if a smile could melt any woman's heart. And here's 10 facts of a Kim Bum.

Facts First :

The guy who has a sweet smile is a hobby with the name of football. In fact, she now joins the school football team and occupies a position as a striker. Turns out he also was idolized Cristiano Ronaldo.

Fact Two :
Not only good at playing football and acting, Kim Bum is also good at playing the piano. His expertise was never he exhibited when performing in the F4 specials ever aired on television stations KBS in Korea.

Fact Three :
Of little Kim Bum very happy to watch television, particularly music and film events. He also often provides a critique of the films he watched. It turned out that talent is already visible from the small entertainernya ya.

Fact Four :
Kim Bum career began when she starred in High Kick, but the new name skyrocketed when he played in drama East of Eden and of course Boy Before Flowers.

Fact Five :
It turned out very different personality once Kim Bum So Yi Jung's role in Boys Before Flowers. Actually he was a shy, not easy to join with people and not easy to attract beautiful women.

Fact Six :
Kim Bum admitted so far he has never had a girlfriend. But if a girlfriend, she wanted to have a girlfriend who can cook and make lunch for him because the shooting schedule is very crowded.

Fact Seven :
Friend for Kim Bum is very important. If he was depressed, usually he's always hanging out with friends. whether it's just hanging out or just talking with his friends.

Fact Eight :
Kim Bum claim he never felt sexy and handsome. but it is clear he had received an award from MNET Korean Summer Break 20's as the sexiest actor in Korea in 2007, then won DK Award 2008, and received awards Key To Nineja's in 2009.

Fact Nine :
Recently, Kim Bum stopped a contract with a war movie that is still in the process of filming. He decided to stop because the shooting schedule that clashed with filming in another drama.

Fact Ten :
Kim Bum was also chosen by Nintendo to appear in advertisements Mario Kart Wii game. With this is an privilege for Kim Bum, because Nintendo is known as a brand that only choose artists who are well popular and international level.

That's 10 facts about Kim Bum, he was verry great yea ..?

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6 komentar:

Anonymous said...

who knows what his new drama is

Anonymous said...

For all just this 10 facts, I could just imagine how sweet of a person he is.

Anonymous said...

You referred to Kim Beom as a "she" 3 times... Wtf

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