Robot Assistant for human

Apparently there are also robots that become helpers of man. Wow, this could be a threat for our helpers at home, who knew they would be replaced by the robot. Let's see now.

1. Ninomiya Kun, a smart robot read the book

Robots that one can read books of all types literature, from newspapers to magazines and of course from start to finish. This robot seems very appropriate for people who are lazy to read or people who are busy so do not have time to read.

2. Motoman, Robots are smart cooking

This robot can cook food popular in Japan, namely Okonomiyaki. This food is a kind of martabak in indonesia. Apparently Japanese robot can also cook martabak Yeah.

3. Yaskawa-Kun, Robot Ice cream seller

For those of you who have an ice cream shop, maybe this robot could help to sell you ice cream. So you do not need to spend money to pay each month for workers at the store. And certainly the kids would like this one robot.

4. Robo-Barmaid, Robot bartender
This one robot could be useful to replace the bartenders in the night club. This robot can perform tasks like a real bartender. Could open the bottle, poured a drink on the customer and also take their order.

5. Riba, Robot raised patients

For those patients who can not walk, this robot can help you. This robot will take the patient to direction which they tell with the way arms. In addition, this robot can picked up the patient from the wheelchair to the bed and otherwise.

Those are some robots that can help humans. How, you are interested have it..??

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